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Spousal Maintenance & Child Support

Spousal Maintenance

After your divorce are you worried how you are going to support yourself with the limited resources and income you earn?

Under Australian legislation, parties to a marriage have an obligation to maintain the other where the other party is unable to support themselves adequately.

At Greigs Legal we carefully analyse any circumstances which may put our clients at a disadvantage and personalise maintenance orders accordingly to achieve the best results for our clients.

We will examine the duration of the marriage, the age of the spouses, the income of each spouse, any children of the marriage, the roles of each spouse in the marriage and much more to provide you with the best outcome.

Child Support

Child support is regular financial support that helps pay everyday living costs of bringing up a child when parents are separated. Child support can help your child's well-being and the quality of family relationships.

Under Australian legislation, both parents are legally responsible for the financial costs of bringing up their children in accordance with their financial capacity. That is even parents who don't live with their children.

At Greigs Legal, we focus on helping parents give their children the best start in life. Our experienced family lawyers strive to take a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective approach to matters involving child support and aim to reduce any stress involved in the process.

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I highly recommend Sarah from Greigs Legal for anyone looking for a professional and reliable family lawyer. Throughout the process, Sarah was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Her attention to detail and expertise in family law were evident in her work.

Sarah and the company are a pleasure to deal with, they provide professional services, and have such great work ethic with lots of attention to detail and patience. Thank you Sarah and the team for providing consistent high quality services. Highly recommend!

I used Greigs legal legal for my will, they were fantastic, explained everything to me and made the process easy. I highly recommend them to anyone for anything you need.

I can't recommend Greigs Legal highly enough. I am very grateful for the team as they were extremely helpful, honest and professional in assisting with my Binding Financial Agreement, communicating the process extremely well. I will definitely be utilising their services in future!

Sarah was wonderful, understanding and helped me through the Will process. The whole experience was simply wonderful.

Wonderful staff and very professional and experienced. They helped so so much and I cannot thank them enough for the support they provided me with during one of the hardest times in my life.

Don't waste your time anywhere else. This is a law firm that is not like the rest. Others talk the talk, but this practise honestly care about people and the implications involved. They personalise the experience, act professionally and genuinely care. Like a great game of chess, they look at all possibilities to get the best outcomes, not just in the short term but long term too. Thanks GREIGS LEGAL. I hope my review helps others in finding you, just like others helped me find you. If you want the best be sure to talk to Sarah, you can't go wrong. You are my definite 'go to' legal team!

A great experience dealing with Greigs Legal in Gregory Hills. They listened, informed, worked hard and got it right with clarity and without the fluff. They were well priced. I couldn’t be happier to have dealt with this firm.