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There is no place for violence within the family home. You, your partner and your child/ren have the right to feel safe and supported.

It is not normal to be subjected to physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse perpetrated by a partner. These are all considered domestic violence and can come in many forms.

If you are or have been or feel you are a victim of domestic abuse, you may have your trust in others and authority destroyed. You may feel lost and have no positive insight into your future.

You can rest assured that our solicitors at Greigs Legal will be by your side, every step of the way in your family law journey.

Physical Violence

Physical violence is one of the more obvious signs of domestic violence within the home. It can result in injury, death, or psychological harm. Physical violence can take many forms, such as hitting, kicking, stabbing, shooting, chocking, or burning. It also includes damage to property including walls, devices and crockery.

If you have been a victim of physical violence, or if you have been accused of committing physical violence, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. The experienced and compassionate domestic violence lawyers at Greigs Legal can help you understand your rights and options and represent you in court if necessary.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is one of the most destructive forms of domestic abuse. It involves restricting and manipulating your access to financial resources. Examples of this include preventing access to bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards and loan accounts. This type of abuse can be debilitating and may have you feeling lost and trapped.

Our trusted and supportive team at Greigs Legal will be there to assist. We will assist you in finding your feet and determining the best way forward tailored to your circumstances.

Psychological, Verbal and Social Abuse

Psychological and verbal abuse can be debilitating when it occurs in the home. They can manifest in various forms, such as:

  • Insults and derogatory remarks;
  • Coercion and manipulation;
  • Isolation and restriction of social contacts;
  • Domination and interference in major decisions;
  • Excessive surveillance and questioning;
  • Alienation from family members;
  • Regulation and monitoring of phone and social media activity; and denial of access to the child/ren;

The above behaviors can be harmful and oppressive. If you or a loved one believe you have suffered from any of these, our team of experienced domestic violence and family lawyers at Greigs Legal can assist you and guide you through the complex recovery process.

We invite you to contact our team at our Gregory Hills, Marrickville or Kogarah offices for a confidential consultation with our dedicated domestic violence and family law specialists.

Child Abuse

Unfortunately, child abuse is perpetrated in the family home or by a person known to the child. It can make itself known through a variety of means and they are dependent on the age and stage of the child/ren.

In instances of physical violence, the child/ren could present with bruising, scratches or other marks that would indicate the abuse. As the child/ren age and progress they could make disclosures of behavior taking place or actively disengage.

In instances of sexual abuse of the child, this could present in various concerning ways. These include instances where the child/ren will display sexualized behaviors. It could be that they are excessively touching their genitals or making sexual remarks.

It is important that where a genuine belief is held that your child/ren are at risk of child abuse, that these risks and concerns are disclosed to the relevant authorities. In NSW, these are the NSW Police and The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

Should you be concerned about these issues in your family law matter, we encourage you to contact our team of expert domestic violence and family lawyers at Greigs Legal. Our knowledgeable solicitors can provide guidance on how to address your concerns and take protective actions for the well-being of your child/ren.

Domestic Abuse and Parenting Matters

Where there are allegations of domestic abuse within the home the Court will consider the safety and the best interests of the child/ren when making any determination on the care arrangements.

When an application is made to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, it is mandatory that each party draft and file a Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk. In this document, you must disclose any allegations of domestic abuse.

Where necessary, the Court can consider certain protections that can be put in place to ensure you and the child are as safe as possible. This can include significantly limiting any spend-time between the child and the perpetrator. Furthermore, in instances where the allegations and concerns of domestic abuse are so great, any spend-time can be supervised.

There are instances where family violence and domestic abuse can have a bearing in property settlements in family law matters.

If you have concerns about the safety of you or your child/ren, contact our experts in domestic violence and family law at Greigs Legal for a confidential and obligation-free consultation. Our knowledgeable solicitors can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation. Visit any of our offices in Gregory Hills, Marrickville or Kogarah to discuss your concerns and explore your legal options.

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